Banff Bay Swim

Today, Aberdeenshire swimmers braved the cold North Sea, swimming from Banff Bay to Macduff harbour. It is an annual event, and it has its own Facebook page. Registration was at 1 pm, and the swim started at 2 pm. These times may vary from year to year.


Swimmers assembling at Banff


Some volunteer HM Coastguard Rescue Officers from Banff


Swimmers congregating near the start line at the mouth of the harbour


And they’re off


RNLI on patrol, ready to assist those in need

The following pictures were taken at the neighbouring town Macduff, which is where the swim ends.




Phil, volunteer at the Banff Bay Swim, and all-round nice bloke. He encouraged me to enter the swim. Maybe Phil, maybe.


Winner, clocking in at 20 min. The record for the event is 19 min. It’s not so much the winning as taking part, of course.


Speactators at the finish line at Macduff harbour.


Swimmer at the finish line, keeping warm. This is my favourite picture. I like the composition. The focal point is the swimmer, who’s obviously cold, and is drawing himself in the keep himself warm. There is negative space surrounding him, and nobody is looking at him, suggesting isolation.


RNLI lifeboat station, Macduff, just a short walk from the finish line. Lifeboats at this station have to be launched from a crane.

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