#gnu spreadsheet #oleo resurrected!

Exciting news: anyone remember the old GNU spreadsheet oleo? The latest version was 1.99.16 was released in 2000:


The sources had suffered from severe bitrot, and no longer compiled. That is until I decided to have a go at porting it. I had made an attempt on a previous occasion, but basically made a right hash of it. I gave it another shot recently, and managed to get it working in under a day.

I modernised the configuration script, although the original Makefiles probably contained much subtelty that I have overlooked.

I am super-excited about this, as it means that a project that has been effectively dead for over 15 years now has a new lease of life. I have disabled X/Motif support – but there’s a good chance that it should be fairly easy (?) to get it working again. Currently, oleo works with ncurses. It would be really neat to have a spreadsheet that works in X.

I have called the project neoleo, which is a play on words. neoleo rolls off the tongue nicely as a word. The “ne” is Esperanto for “not”, so neoleo is “not oleo”. You could also interpret it as neo- as in new or recent.

I am interested in exploring how oleo compares in power with other command-line spreadsheets like sc and teapot. It will be interesting to see if I can get the Motif interface working again. Users will then have a GUI. Whilst nowhere near as featureful or as pretty as LibreOffice or Gnumeric, it is vastly more lightweight. The basic ncurses version requires no extra libs other than ncurses itself, which is of course standard on UNIX.

Anyway, download, compile, enjoy:

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who wanted to patch the official oleo release.

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