neoleo 4.0.1 spreadsheet extension demo

I recently uploaded a video demonstrating the new features in neoleo 4.0.1, the lightweight spreadsheet based on GNU oleo:

The github repo is here:

Here is a transcript of the video:

Hello, and welcome to my channel.

In this video, I am going to be discussing neoleo,
a fork I made of the ancient GNU spreadsheet
program called oleo.

oleo suffered from neglect since the year 2000,
and was difficult to compile. My fork of neoleo
fixed the compilation problems at the expense of
some features.

I am going to demonstrate neoleo version 4.0.1
today, and a particularly cool feature I have added,
which is extending it using Tcl.

oleo cannot export CSV files or create pivot tables,
so let’s use Tcl and the R programming language
to give it that functionality.

All the necessary source files are included in the

In a shell, start tclsh.

Now load the neoleo library.

Run the GUI using the command start_swig_motif

Now load a file containing data we want to analyse.

Let’s see what’s in row 2, column 2.

Now load the pivoting code

Export the oleo data to an intermediate CSV file

And perform a pivot.

The code is quite short.

The R script that performs the pivot is only 3 lines.

Let me change a value in the spreadsheet to prove
that everything still works as expected.

There we have it.


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