BOO – Boohoo.Com – and the gap-down

Anyone who reads Stockopedia will surely have heard of BOO (Boohoo.Com).

The shares suffered a nasty 42% gap-down in Jan 2015, bringing the shares down to 22p.

If you were smart like Paul Scott, you would have been picking up the shares at bargain levels.

What if you’re like me, though, a chimpanzee rubbing two sticks together? Well, if you had applied a 52w-high buy rule, you would have bought in Jan 2016 at a price of 39p.

You would have missed out on a near-doubling, assuming your timing was near-perfect. Not to despair, though, as the price is curently 120p. so you would still have “only” tripled your money.

I’m beginning to really like this new system of mine.

I have no shares in BOO, alas.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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