ALLG – All Leisure Group – kaput

Cruise operator ALLG (All Leisure Group) appeared on my radar a long time ago as a possible value share. Fortunately, I never bought. I never paid them any attention thereafter. Until today.

In December 2015 they issued a trading update, stating:

Trading conditions are expected to remain very challenging, especially in view of the escalating conflict in the Middle East and recent acts of terrorism, and the effect these events may have on consumers’ propensity to travel.

In February 2016 they announced they were considering delisting from AIM. This, indeed, occurred in June 2016.

The share price was a right mess. They reached ~ 54p in April 2014. The chart looks like a downhill sky-run from thereon in.

ALLG owns Swan Hellenic. Sadly, I just learned today in the Eastern Daily Press that “Swan Hellenic cruises owner stops trading – and 13,000 holidays are cancelled” (

Beware those falling knives, guys. I hope that none of my readers were affected by this news.

Be careful out there.

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