SGI – Stanley Gibbons – drops 20%

SGI drop 20% today to 10.5p on its announcement of strategic review and formal sales process. Paul Scott’s stand-in comments on the news over at Stockopedia (

> So I’m not tempted to dabble in SGI shares in these conditions.

SGI has a stock rank of 25, and is classified by Stockopedia as a Value Trap.

I last wrote about SGI back in Nov 2015 (, where I said that

> I think that this company is a lot weaker than many realise.
Those words have turned out to be prophetic indeed. The share price was 97.99p at the time. I had noted that it had negative free cashflow for at least three years. That trend has continued. Its net debt is close to its market cap, a sure sign that the company is in distress.

It appears that some bulletin board posters are expecting nothing less than 20p per share from a takeover. Given that the shares currently stand at about half that price, and the shares have never reached 20p in the past year, I would say that an offer of 20p is unlikely.


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