WPP drops 12% on interims

Media and publishing company WPP dropped 12% to 1408p on the release of its interims. The company reports all sorts of numbers, which I’m too lazy to analyse. The market has spoken in any case.

The chart is quite ragged, although there were signs that you should have bailed:


Stockopedia gives it a value score of 73, which is OK, but not irresistable. WPP trades on a PE of 12.2. Debt looks to be within acceptable limits (PBT 1890m, net debt 4130). With a Stockopedia StockRank of 68, I can’t see anything particularly compelling to justify a buy. I notice that Neil Woodford does not own it in his portfolio, either, suggesting that if you’re looking for dividend stocks, you should be able to do better.


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1 Response to WPP drops 12% on interims

  1. Bobby says:

    recently, given holdings performance, I would take the fact that Woodford is not a shareholder as a positive (also he won’t have to reduce the position).

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