Taking #reactos for a spin

ReactOs 0.4.6 is pretty impressive. I tried using it in the past, and it was hellishly buggy and unusable. The latest incarnation seems a lot more stable, and hasn’t crashed on me.

I am using it in VirtualBox. It was lightning-quick to install, and it runs fast as an OS, too. Internet worked out of the box. I loved the repos. You can add free software with a few clicks of the button. There’s things like GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice and a whole host of other packages. For the geekier types there’s Midnight Commander. I installed the K-Meleon web browser. It worked well, although Youtube was not supported.

It would make a great test platform.

Well done, chaps.


About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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