Timing my #RaspberryPi 3

I noticed that mu RPi 3 seems rather faster than I expected originally. I have a home-brew accounting package, and I decided to run it through the “time” command. Here are the results:

       RPi   Vivo Vostro
real 0.279  0.236  0.127
user 0.220  0.200  0.133
sys  0.080  0.060  0.026

The machines involved where an RPi3 (Raspberry Pi 3), an ASUS VivoPC (possibly ~ 2013 vintage) and a Dell Vostro (2010). The timings are in seconds. Lower values imply faster processing.

Raspbian is lightning fast at booting and shutting down, and I get the impression that they must have done some proper optimisation to make the system so responsive.

My Vostro is my “proper desktop” machine. It cost £515. That did include keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

I can’t find the invoice for my Vivo, but I reckon is was about £150, and came without peripherals. I use it as a cheapo server computer. It has been running Arch Linux since 2015. The Vivo uses Intel architecture. If my main computer ever went kaput, I would probably use my Vivo as my main machine. I would probably stick to Arch, although I might consider ReactOS.

Because it’s only a cheapo machine, I am not that surprised to learn that the Vivo runs at about half the speed of my Vostro. I love the small form-factor of the ASUS, even more that my Vivo, which is a slimline. I like the slimline, too. It’s just small enough to be elegant. I hate the “box of bricks” look to regular-sized computers.

The real surprise here is just how fast the RPi is. It is running at a similar speed as my Vivo, and only about half to a third of the speed of my regular PC.

I continue to be amazed at the RPi, and I am tempted to try to put together some goofy electronics project, just because I can.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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