gums: my (currently useless) module system for #guilelang

I know next to nothing about Scheme, but I have decided to have another go at it. I have chosen to focus on Guile.

One thing I’m trying to put together is “gums”, a “guile module system”. I am trying to model it on the idea of Quicklisp (Lisp is a language that I also know next to nothing about). Maybe it will come out as a cross between Quicklisp and Arch pacman. I wouldn’t want it to be centralised, though.

Well, anyway, the story so far is that you can download the file (here). Upon execution, it will add an entry to .guile file, and create a gums directory in your homedir. It is currently 68 lines long, which is a little more than I was hoping for. It would be nice to have a facility where you can update gums from the web.

The next thing for me to try is either a dummy package or “wisp”, which seems like a nice module to try to get going.

Wish me luck.


About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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