DLAR (De La Rue) in the doghouse

Money print DLAR (De La Rue) drops 18% today to 489p. The RNS announces the resignation of one of the directors, and

is currently expecting the result to be around the lower end of the current consensus range.

So, the market is preempting a disaster on this one.

I dabbled in DLAR years ago. I can’t remember the prices involved, but I think I lost money on them. The prices seemed to be higher at the time.

The markets are BRUTAL at the moment. Any sign of weakness, and a company is torn to shreds. Market cap has been no protection. The 52 week hight of the Footsie is 7793, now down to 7061. That barely qualifies as a correction. I’m not sure where all this is heading. It might be a good sign, of course, because all this brutality means that the markets are at least thinking about risk, rather than getting carried away with pie-in-the-sky projections.

Apparently it’s International Day Of Happiness. So, may you all be happy!

Stay safe out there, and have a good one.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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