Delivery drones: surely the dumbest idea ever

The Los Angeles Times reported recently (

> Amazon patents delivery drones that can react to people screaming and > flailing

Love it!

> As described in the patent, the machine could release the package it’s > carrying, change its flight path to avoid crashing, ask humans a > question or abort the delivery. Emergency Action Message: abort mission.

> If the drones are cleared to deliver, they can release boxes with > extra padding from the air, or they can land and then offer the > parcels, the patent said. How do you want your goods: one piece or two?

I don’t know who’s taking the biggest piss: LA Times or Amazon.

Delivery drones are so 2017. Or was it 2016? I am too bored to check.

What puzzles me is how supposedly sane and intelligent people can come out with ideas that are so obviously flawed. This is politician-level dumb.

Obvious flaws include: they are likely to have sufficient lift capacity, people will bait them if not use them for target practice, they are difficult to scale quantity-wise, they use up too much energy, there’s not distribution network, there’s no economies of scale to be had, and so on.

I see that Amazon have latched onto the whole “AI” bandwagon thing. I’m surprised they are heralding that in big six-foot letters.

Sometimes I feel like I must be taking crazy pills.

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