This post shows how to set-up of FreeRTOS for an ARM architecture run under QEMU hosted on Ubuntu 19.10 x86_64 machine. It is a modification of the instructions found in FreeRTOS on Cortex M3 with QEMU

I highly recommend that you review that page.

Install the tools (they’re a little different from the link above):

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi \
    binutils-arm-none-eabi gdb-multiarch openocd

sudo apt install qemu-system-arm

I had no problems relating to libcurl.

Download the latest version of FreeRTOS, and unzip it.

Build the demo:

cd FreeRTOSv10.0.1/FreeRTOS/Demo/CORTEX_LM3S811_GCC

If you obtained a compilation error indicated in the first link, as I did, then edit the file standalone.ld as instructed.

Launch QEMU:

qemu-system-arm -machine lm3s811evb -kernel gcc/RTOSDemo.bin -s -S

Connect to the machine (also a little different from the link’s instructions):

gdb-multiarch -ex="target remote localhost:1234"

That should work.

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