SLP: up 10%

So, results for SLP (Sylvannia Platinum) are in, sending the shares up 10.3% to 53.0 as at writing.

SLP has been a fantastic winner for me, up 195% since I bought them in March 2018. I am surprised I’ve held them this long. I had bought on the basis that it had a P/FCF<10, had net cash, and a SR 99.

So it looked to be one with odds heavily-weighted in one’s favour. You probably won’t win with all of them, but you do tilt the odds significantly.

I felt there was sufficiently many things going for them when I added them to the Stockopedia Challenge. It turns out to have been the right choice. Without Stockopedia, I would not have come across this share.

I have had my fair share of duds in the past, which is why I never get cocky. Results days can be nerve-racking, especially since I own and commented positively about them. You never for sure what’s going to happen.

I’m not going to bother commenting on SLP’s results. The share price rise tells me all I need to know.

Next up is RCH (Reach). Results are due 24th Feb. Let’s hope things turn out well. Everyone is bullish on this one, so there’s everything to play for.




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