Has the bell rung for the bottom?

I am now going to commit an act of utter insanity: by predicting that the market is near the bottom. To quantify that as a specific prediction: the FT100 is within 10% of its 2020 low, and will be higher in 6 months than it is now.

Why do I say that? An article was published on MarketWatch that what taken from Barron’s: “Fear Grips Markets Again. The Only Safe Place Is Cash”. I am not a subscriber, so I know next to nothing about its contents.

Another headline is also links: “The Latest Coronavirus Data Is Out. The Number of New Cases Worlwide Declined Today”.

In a post on Stockopedia, a user notes that South Korea, which has a similar population as the UK) has reported only 84 deaths after a month of the outbreak. A respondent to that post says that Italy has a population 10% smaller than the UK with 2500 deaths attributed to the virus.

Let’s see if I’m about to make an utter buffoon of myself. Follow-up in 6 months time.

FTSE100 5091


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2 Responses to Has the bell rung for the bottom?

  1. seven says:

    Not quite, but pretty darn close after just one month’s time.

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