Got my new Raspberry Pi 0

This is not going to be an insightful post. I’m just sharing my excitement.

I managed to fry the UART pins on my Pi 3. Since I’m working with bare metal, it’s kinda important to me that they work. I decided to get a Pi 0 for my future bare metal experiments.

I haven’t actually compiled any bare metal code for it yet. I did, however, boot my Raspbian SD card. Sure enough, everything booted and worked just fine. The boot process was a little slower, of course.

I only had a keyboard, no mouse, on account of the lack of connectivity on the Zero. So I went to a virtual console and started tapping away. The system seemed responsive. Raku was a dog to start up, mind.

I should be able to improve things by downloading the Lite version of Raspbian, and foregoing the desktop environment. It doesn’t seem necessary for what I want it for, anyway.

The Zero certainly looks suitable for a retro system. Provided you code in C/C++ and just use the console you won’t be disappointed in speed. What a fantastic piece of kit the Pi Zero is. No wonder they’re still as rare as hen’s teeth.

I haven’t tried running Firefox on it. No doubt that would be an unpleasant experience.

So, christmas has come early for me. Right, I’m off to fry some more pins.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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