Rust is a whale of fail

So I saw an interesting program called r4d, which is a macro processing language modelled on m4. To install it:

cargo install r4d --features binary

The first thing cargo does is update its dependency tree, or something. This takes awhile. That’s my first complaint.

So anyway, once it has sorted that out, it downloads and compiles r4d, except in bails out with

error: could not compile `clap`

It appears that Rust has a bad case of clap. It seems appropriate that Rust chooses a crab as its logo.

I thought the whole point of version pinning of dependencies is that the build should just work. Does anything in Rust actually work?

And to think that they want to put Rust in the Linux kernel.

Anyhoo, that’s my rant over.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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