Raspberry Pi FTW

Microcontrollers are a lot of fun to play around with. I’m looking to tinker around with a clock that I got working on my Raspberry Pi 0.

On all due consideration, I’d say that if your project doesn’t need real-time behaviour, then using a Raspberry Pi is highly likely to be easier.

I have an old Raspberry Pi. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was a Pi 2, but I recently discovered that it was a Pi Model B. I don’t know how I got it into my head that I had been running an older model all these years.

The Pi 1 has enjoyed considerable use over the years as a remote machine to log into from work, a git server, a web server, and email server.

A few months ago I decided that I had too much electronics scattered around my room, and decided to consolidate. I had a Pi 0 since early in the year. due to it’s small form-factor, I figured that it was the best device to use.

So now the Pi 0 houses my clock project, as well as being used as a local web server, git server, and backup device.

My inventory of Pi’s is: Model B, 0W, and 3. I own a few Pi picos and a couple of Tiny RP2040 boards. I also have a selection of ATtiny85’s, Nanos, STMS32’s. STM8’s, an ESP8266, and a few ESP32’s. I really should stop buying computer stuff!

I’ve never bought any Pi model 4s. I haven’t found a need for them. Maybe I’ll get them if my Pi 3 breaks. I’ve found the Pi 3 useful for testbed work.

The real sweetspot for me looks like the new Pi Zero 2 W. It looks to be as powerful as the 3, but at a fraction of the price and size. There’s none in stock at the moment. I checked on Pimoroni and PiHut, but the cupboard was bare. I figure that if anyone would stock them, it would be them.

I’m not downhearted, though, as I’d only buy one if I really needed one. I’ve still got my models B and 3 to play with.

In summary, something like a Pi should probably be the first thing you think of when putting together an electronics project. If you really want real-time functionality, then consider a microcontroller.

On a different tack, today is the winter solstice. That’s especially important for my dad, although somewhat meaningful to me, too. Living in Scotland, it gets dark at about 3.30pm, and lasts until past 8am. It’s good to know that things should brighten up from here-on out, heading towards those summer days when it’s light at 4am. Ah, I wish it could be summer all the time, where the sun never sets.

Have a good christmas!

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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