Portfolio update: it’s a mess

I generally don’t follow the news. I pick it up second-hand. There’s a lot of RNS news out for the shares in my portfolio, so I was interested in seeing how they did. I have been underperforming the market lately. I have observed that, in the past, when the market is volatile, it tends to behave savagely to announcements that are mediocre, or worse.

I saw that the All-share index was down 2.4% in early trading. “Brace yourself”, I thought, “this is going to cost you.”

It didn’t take long to discover the cause: Russia invades Ukraine. “дерьмо” is possibly the word I’m looking for (according to Google Translate, anyway). I did a little reading on the BBC. Is it just me, but does anyone think that BBC News has actually gotten better over the last year or so? I’ve always considered it a bit leftie and emotion-driven, but they seem rather more measured and analytical lately. Thoughts on that?

Judging by the numbers, Russia could swat Ukraine like flies. I think we’re all waiting to see what the US will do next to see if the whole world is dragged into this. My best guess is that they’ll go for economic sanctions rather than military intervention. No-one knows how this will all pan out. The US presumably sees little value in Ukraine, so a war with Russia seems less than 50%.

My shares in JRS (JPMorgan Russian Securities) as down 23% in early trading. Ouch. Although I wouldn’t bother myself, there’s likely an opportunity for a short-term trade (on the long side). I’m not a rushin’ to top up at this stage, though (if you can forgive the pun).

My shares in FXPO (Ferrexpo) are down 23%, too, with plenty of other red.

Of the shares that have reported, they’ve actually held up pretty well, with nearly all positives. My best performer is MGNS (Morgan Sindall), up 2.8% on its finals.

So that’s me for now. How are you guys doing? I’m off to bury my head in the sand.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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