#libopencm3 examples for stm32f411

The examples may work on other STM32 microcontrollers, with modification.

Such examples include: a basic blink sketch, timers, exti, newlib integration with uart, spi, dma, i2c, pwm, systick, ssd1306, ds3231. So, quite a wealth of things to choose from. Check out my repo here.

Additionally, I’m creating a bunch of device drivers that I call “pot“. So far, I have drivers for the ds3231 real-time clock, the Adafruit 8×8 matrix based on the MAX7219, and the ever-useful SSD1306.

These drivers are based on the libopencm3 API. I’m creating an adapter layer for the Raspberry Pi Pico #RP2040, so you should find that all the afore-mentioned devices work with the Pico.

Have fun.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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