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Getting started with #snobol – a programming curiousity

Snobol is a computer language from the 60’s with some intriguing pattern-matching factilities. It was designed originally for the symbolic manipulation of polynomials. At first glance it looks like an “esoteric programming language” – a fun but useless language – … Continue reading


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A lesson in data file formats

I have written a number of accounting packages in the languages C, Go, Haskell Python, Tcl (non-working), and C++. My C, Go, Python and Tcl efforts have been lost in the mists of time. I write my input data in … Continue reading

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#cinelerra-cv: navigating the codec maze

Bottom line up front Use DV files for importing and exporting to/from Cinelerra, transcoding with ffmpeg where necessary. MP3 files are good for sound-only tracks. Other formats are often problematical, and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you … Continue reading

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coprocesses in bash using dc as an example

Coprocesses are a feature of bash which allow you to communicate with the stdin and stdout of a subprocess. I illustrate this by having a bash script to interact with “dc”, the arbitrary precision calculator, to sum up a sequence … Continue reading

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A newbie Haskeller revisits Rust

Back in March, I did a comparison between old and new progamming languages. I was very new to Haskell, and knew nothing about Rust. Since then: Haskell has replaced Python as my “go to” language of choice, although for data … Continue reading

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#sourceforge – the beginning of the end?

I’ve had problems looking at Sourceforge projects. There were some sit-related problems earlier this month, but they had ostenbily been cleared up. The problems seem to have arisen again, though. The official problem has been stated on Jul 17: #SourceForge … Continue reading

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Bash script for selecting tmux session

Problem You want to list and select from several available tmux sessions Solution If necessary, install iselect: sudo apt-get install iselect Create an executable script called tsel: #!/usr/bin/env bash CHOICE=`tmux ls | iselect -a` [[ ${#CHOICE} == 0 ]] && … Continue reading

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zeromq: an easy-to use IPC mechanism

Zeromq is a library that makes IPC as simple as reading and writing messages. No multithreading is required, as zermoq handles all the fuss of queuing and dispatching messages. IPC (Inter Process Communication) is something I have been interested in … Continue reading

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New kids Go, Julia, Rust vs old boys C, Haskell, Lisp, Python, Smalltalk

Python is my Go To language of choice. It has plenty of libraries, they’re mature, and the language is expressive, quick and simple to use. IPython notebook makes Python an even greater pleasure to use, as you can code in … Continue reading

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Cubietruck reactivated, gets a new home.

My internet is proving very unreliable, which hardly makes it ideal as an email server. I decided to ditch hosting my own email server, and bought a dedicated one from Easily. It has a web interface if I choose to … Continue reading

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