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#fuzzylogic: Sliding partitions in the antecedants of Fuzzy Logic Systems (PDF)

In the article Simplification of defuzzification in Fuzzy Logic, I demonstrated that partitioning the consequent space greatly simplifies the defuzzification process. In this article, I introduce the notion of sliding partitions as a way of simplifying the fuzzification process. I … Continue reading

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#Bayes election forecast using the FiveThirtyEight model (PDF)

This article presents on overview of Allen Downey’s blog article of 25 September 2014 on “Bayesian election forecasting”, and discussed on Reddit. The problem is solved as a measurement instrument with errors. Link to PDF

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Mathematical diversion: the ladder problem

This is a mathematical diversion to while away some time, and stim- ulate your brain. Try solving it before looking at the paper, as it states some basic equations and approaches quickly. The problem is stated be- low. There is … Continue reading

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My maths PDFs are now on my website (#fuzzylogic, #DCF)

I have set up virtual hosting on my Nginx server to support multiple hosts. Now my PDFs are available via HTTP as well as FTP. Check out the site: There are only two articles at the moment: aswath.pdf – … Continue reading

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