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Summaries of articles I’ve read on the net, aimed more at investment style and process than individual companies.

Barrons on Defensive Dividends

On 23-Ju;-2012, Barrons reports the headline: “Defensive Dividends Getting Offensively Rich”. What’s interesting is their quote from WSJ about the defensive sectors: Since mid-April, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare and consumer staples have been the only sectors of the 10 Standard & … Continue reading

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Trading journal

Precis of PDF: “When Trading Journals Don’t Work” 5 frequent shortcomings with journals: lacks specifics. So instead of just saying “I overtraded”, identify why you overtraded, how you will avoid overtrading in future, and what steps you will take to … Continue reading

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John Chew on Value-Line

Good article by John Chew. Interesting vid on the The Best of Value Investing part 4 . 01:57 Stocks in the news – attention-grabbing events of any kind, whether positive or negative, investors are more likely to buy those stock … Continue reading

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