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#cinelerra-cv: navigating the codec maze

Bottom line up front Use DV files for importing and exporting to/from Cinelerra, transcoding with ffmpeg where necessary. MP3 files are good for sound-only tracks. Other formats are often problematical, and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you … Continue reading


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Compiling #cinelerra-cv in Ubuntu Xenial

I was able to compile the latest version of cinelerra-cv from git: git clone git://git.cinelerra-cv.org/CinelerraCV.git cinelerra-cv I used commit 21049b7c from Apr 22 2016. The following is neither a strictly necessary nor sufficient list of packages that need to be … Continue reading

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Cinelerra OGG timeline bug

The waveform on the timeline is taken from idx file. I reported a problem: > Add an ogg music file to the timeline. The status bar indicates that an > idx file is being created, and the progress bar progressively … Continue reading

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#cinelerra: Linux non-linear video editor: it rocks!

Yesterday, I reported on my attempt to create a video on Linux (http://is.gd/jroBgT). I was scathing about cinelerra: “the software is so buggy as to be unusable”. I have since had a chance to build cinelerra from the latest commit … Continue reading

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My latest attempt at creating video mashups under Linux

I used a combination of dvdrip, youtube-dl, ffmpeg, audacity, avidemux and openshot on Arch Linux to create a video, recently. dvdrip Use this to rip the contents of a DVD to file(s). You will end up with a collection of … Continue reading

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