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Compiling #cinelerra-cv in Ubuntu Xenial

I was able to compile the latest version of cinelerra-cv from git: git clone git://git.cinelerra-cv.org/CinelerraCV.git cinelerra-cv I used commit 21049b7c from Apr 22 2016. The following is neither a strictly necessary nor sufficient list of packages that need to be … Continue reading

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coprocesses in bash using dc as an example

Coprocesses are a feature of bash which allow you to communicate with the stdin and stdout of a subprocess. I illustrate this by having a bash script to interact with “dc”, the arbitrary precision calculator, to sum up a sequence … Continue reading

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Bash script for selecting tmux session

Problem You want to list and select from several available tmux sessions Solution If necessary, install iselect: sudo apt-get install iselect Create an executable script called tsel: #!/usr/bin/env bash CHOICE=`tmux ls | iselect -a` [[ ${#CHOICE} == 0 ]] && … Continue reading

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A directory quick-change script in bash

It is convenient to have mnenomic names for favourite directories so that you can change to them quickly. ‘cdargs’ is a directory bookmarking utility that I use quite often, but I find that it can become cluttered, and difficult to … Continue reading

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Leaning towards #Vim

I’ve now pretty much set up my Cubietruck successfully. Apache was running out of the box. Setting up a mail server was more problematical. I’m using Dovecot and Postfix. I had previously documented the configuration process fairly well, so I … Continue reading

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systemd notes

List “units” and their status: systemctl lis-units Starting my auto_share NFS service: systemctl start auto_share Some other important services: systemd-user-sessions.service mdm.service -> systemd-user-sessions.service NetworkManager-wait-online.service Possibly interesting: multi-user.system system-logind.service remote-fs.target Important directories: /lib/systemd/system /etc/systemd/system  

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