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Compiling #cinelerra-cv in Ubuntu Xenial

I was able to compile the latest version of cinelerra-cv from git: git clone git://git.cinelerra-cv.org/CinelerraCV.git cinelerra-cv I used commit 21049b7c from Apr 22 2016. The following is neither a strictly necessary nor sufficient list of packages that need to be … Continue reading

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Cubietruck reactivated, gets a new home.

My internet is proving very unreliable, which hardly makes it ideal as an email server. I decided to ditch hosting my own email server, and bought a dedicated one from Easily. It has a web interface if I choose to … Continue reading

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Riding the Unicorn (#Ubuntu)

Ubuntu came out with its latest and greatest recently, so I was keen to upgrade. I have a quiet, small form-factor ASUS VivoPC which I use as a server for web, mail, but also do a lot of programming work … Continue reading

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Ubuntu’s Saucy Salamander Screen is Slightly Substandard

This is the graphical display that I got when I rebooted Ubuntu after a fresh installation onto my dad’s machine. “Just Works”. Not.

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