The entire WWW summed up in three pictures

“For Wales? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for Wales!”

― Robert Bolt, A Man for All Seasons

(Way to trashtalk an entire country, Bob. You really slipped that one under the net.)

With that quote in mind, here are the pictures I promised you …

Contestant number 1:

Validate me

Contestant number 2:

Y’all my bitches now

Contestant number 3:

I’m here to discuss the modalities

In other words: narcissists, gatekeepers, and scammers. I was going to include SJWs, but I figured they were just a sub-category of narcissists.

I was going to just show the first picture, but realised that I needed three to display the whole gamut.

So, let’s talk about the first picture, shall we? It is what prompted this post in the first place.

The lady in question is Scarlett Dixon. Doxxing people is usually considered completely uncool dude, but her name is a matter of public record already. It’s from the Twitter account scarlettlondon, which no longer seems active. Presumably the blowback she received from it ruined her credibility. The picture was posted in 2018, so I’m way late to the party.

What really grinds my gears is the sheer fakeness of it. The sheer emptiness. For Listerine White. Like, I have to plaster on this phony smile to avoid the realisation that my life amounts to absolutely nothing. Scarlett says:

The best of days start with a smile and positive thoughts. And pancakes, And strawberries. And bottomless tea.

Holy shit.

I do give you a little insight into how I start my day in a positive way.

Hold that thought. I’ll be pouring scorn on it shortly.

Adforum picks up the news:

… a plate of tortillas conspicuously disguised as pancakes sits next to her … Shortly after Dixon put the photo on Instagram, someone posted it on Twitter, pointing out that it looks nothing like “anybody’s normal morning,” and announced that “Instagram is a ridiculous lie factory made to make us all feel inadequate.”

Further down:

As Dixon notes in her statement, her posts are intended to be exaggerated: “Sometimes my photos are whimsical and OTT [over the top] and a little too pink, but I’m not presenting this as an ‘idealistic’ version of life that young girls should aspire to” (brackets added).

See, I’m not going to give her a pass on this. For starters, she said that “I do give a little insight into how I start my day.” She presents it as a truthful statement, which she then retracts. Secondly, she presents it as an aspiration for young girls. This is terrible! No wonder the youth is so messed up. They are presented with images that no well-balanced person could emulate.

Turning to the Gemini protocol …

My Gemini site (OK, “capsule”, if you insist) is coming along to my satisfaction. I intend to migrate my former website over to it. I’m in no rush, though. I might make it public at some stage. We’ll see. Gemini “capsules” (grrr) contain a lot of meta-discussion about Gemini itself. My capsule won’t be about that though. It will contain technical information that I’m accumulating. I won’t bother mirroring it over http, either. It’ll be something exclusive to Gemini. It will represent over 20 years of accumulated information that I have.

Update 1: 2022-05-21

There was more I wanted to talk about, but just could find the stuff that I found on Gemini. I actually found what I was looking for by perusing my $HOME/.config/lagrange/visited.2.txt site.

Gemini has a search engine, but alas I couldn’t find the content I knew I had seen. I’m not the first one to notice that the Gemini could use a decent search engine. And I wonder if Gemini capsules should establish a set of conventions for things like blogs. Not standards, but conventions. At first this might seem like semantic nitpicking, but allow me to explain. By “standard”, I mean “baked into the protocol”. That would be too restrictive. “Convention” is to be understood as “best practises.” Informal extensions. On practise I would like to see is that pages should be dated by their creation and update date. On one level, I am always fascinated by the history of these documents. And on another level, it gives context to the page. Information can become stale. Dating articles can be useful from that perspective.

But I have digressed too far already …

The article that I had in mind was at gemini:// The page referenced “scantily-clad women”, and at first I thought that the article must have been based on a post I made recently about Gemini and the WWW. However, that article predates my own, so I know that it was purely coincidental.

I wanted to reproduce some of their text because it amused me no end.

I’m first and foremost protesting the “Gemini is good because we don’t as many scantily clad Babylonian whores” misogynist rhetoric.


Instead we’re saying that visual media are being associated with women and text media are being associated with men. That’s not necessarily based in actual reality (as you correctly observe with the voracious readers in your own life) but that’s how it is being coded, which is pretty wack.

That’s a kind of odd way of stating things, in my view. Yeah, I kinda get where s/he is coming from, although you need a bit of context for it, which I might not be representing properly.

I really love the next bit, though:

Plain text is seen as sober, thoughtful, chaste, male, clay, ribcage, wands, clubs, odd, 陽, I bless Ra, the fierce sun burning bright.

The web is seen as intoxicated, impulsive, slutty, snake, apple, cups, hearts, even, 陰, I bless Isis—Luna in the night.

Plain text is seen as the honest truth.

The web is seen as Babylonian, tarted up, performed.

That’s a mythology that can get kinda pretty messed up very quickly, can create an environment where the proverbial bitches can’t hang with the proverbial streets.

Sir, you are a true wordsmith! May the light of Ra always shine upon you.


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