Gemini internet capsule launched

Exciting stuff: I’ve managed to create a public-facing Gemini capsule. I have tested it over at an account I created at So everything checks out and should be working hunky-dory. Note that, for now, the site won’t be active 24/7. I’ll turn my server off at night-time, pending a more permanent solution.

Point your favourite gemini client to:


and have it! The domain name is a bit of an oddity, admittedly, but I’m using FreeDNS, so I’m kinda going with a name I can get.

The plan for the foreseeable future is that my blog will now reside on Gemini rather than WordPress. WordPress is a nightmare. The internet in general is a nightmare. I want to try out Gemini for awhile and see how I get on.

I won’t be abandoning the Interwebs permanently. I still need that for banking and stuff. Not to mention my favourite finance site: Stockopedia.


About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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