Mr. Rusty in Milton Keynes

I was talking in the office earlier about Mr. Rusty and some of his amazing adventures. I’ve known Russell since university, and I thought I’d share some pics of him, as promised, from the 80’s. We had left university, I was working as a trainee accountant, and he was living in Milton Keynes. Some say Milton Keynes is the city of the future, and others say it was a poxy hole. Who’s right? You decide!

Here’s the man himself:


and with his brother:


Here’s me in his garden, which is not the most embarassing picture of me:


But this is:


Do you like the way he has decorated his place?

That is actually a trick question. As far as I’m aware, he’s never decorated the place. That picture was left over from the previous owner. And he’s never knowingly spent any money on paint. The adjoining room is in the lounge, with a very old TV in it. I think I got my lifetime limit of radiation from watching that TV for only a couple of hours.

The lounge, though, is not nearly as bad as his kitchen, which is truly a site to behold:


I can assure you that in reality the kitchen was in much worse condition than the picture seems to imply. His current kitchen is actually even worse. He offered to make me a coffee, but as I recall, I had to go to the nearest shop to actually buy it. The upside was that in those days his mugs still had handles on them.

After having had a tour of his house, we decided to go to some shopping mall so that I could have a ride on his scrambling bike:


Russell kindly took a picture of me on my bike. I felt I was flying through the air, although the picture above looks less dramatic than that. This is the last picture he took:


You can’t see it, but I had grazed my arm before taking that picture. I had actually come off the bike, and there was a big friction burn near my elbow. When I took a shower that night, I nearly fainted from the pain of washing the wound. Quite a big scab formed, which I kept for a few years as a souvenir.

All of the events in this blog are real, although they have been recounted in a funny way. I intend to send this link to Russell, who I ‘m still in contact with. Although this blog teases him, I hope he takes it in the good spirit it was intended.

A few years ago I had a chance encounter with Matthew Bowman, and we swapped a few Mr. Rusty stories. We joked about how one could write a book simply by writing down whatever it was Russell did with his life.

Russell. I love you, man. Seriously. You are my mate!

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