Going green on #vim

Since reading Stop the Vim Configuration Madness , I decided to have a review of my vimrc file.

I decided to ditch my colour schemes as an experiment and just use monotone. I could have been lazy and just ditched everything, but I decided to go for a green-on-black retro/Matrix type feel:

hi Normal ctermfg=DarkGreen ctermbg=Black

That’s my colour scheme now. Since starting the experiment, I can’t say that readability has gone down, so I am inclined to keep the setup I aready have.

In my view, colour schemes always get something wrong. It is usually with comments or strings. Somewhere, wherever, colour contrast is poor, and it is difficult to read the text. Always! The fix is to abandon all attempts to find the perfect colour scheme, and just use monotone.

I have been much of a fan of plugins, but I do use two:

  • plug – a simple plugin manager. It is arguable if this counts as a plugin, and may even be obsoleted by the latest version of vim
  • emmet – an html extension. I would be loathe to give this the boot, as it is very convenient for adding html tags.

Another benefit of cutting out the clutter is that it simplifies your configuration, takes up less disk space, there’s less you need to store in your git dotfiles repo, and it is easier to migrate to new machines.

So there we have it. Less is more.


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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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